Modeler for casual solder model

I need someone to help me with checking for bugs and recompiling newly edited soldier model.

I need someone who has a lot of Experience with SDK, GUIStudioMDL, and modeling.

If you interested please Private massage me.

Thank you.

Bump with new request.

Here is what I suggest. Take the standard qc file for the Soldier, and edit it so that the texture directory is to your textures. Make sure that you have all the bodygroups you need. I would also suggest that you add the grenades, because it seems people really want those. If this is just for Garry’s Mod, make the Grenade sash a Bodygroup.


Me and my friend have run to a little bit of a problem with the model.

The head texture is massing up, the rocket, medal, and hat are doubled for some reason on the model, from what my friend can tell me he doesn’t have facial animations.