Modeler new to Source Engine? How do i do this?

Hi there, im a modeler and recently bought Gmod. I would really like to create models to the game (basicly weapon models), have never modeled to the source engine before though.

To create the model wont be a problem, but the problem is how do i put my models ingame? Lets say i have an ordinary pistol or any other weapon. I havent done anything fancy with it, what do i do next?

Does the model have to be lined up a special way? How do i make an ordinary weapon model to work in Gmod? How do i create the animations? I have wanted to learn this for a long time now.

Are there any good tutorials out there? I have never done animations or anything like that before so i need to learn that too. I am pretty good at making everything from weapons, props and vehicles.

If anyone knows about any good UV-ing tutorials I would be happy too. I use a pretty hard technic when uv-ing which takes a lot of time and isnt effective at all.

Thank you.

I have a weapons making tutorial somewhere in my bookmarks, I think it shows you how to get your models into the Source engine…let me search around for it for a bit. I’ll post it when I get it… but most likely somebody will beat me to it! :L

You should say what software you use…

Of cource, sorry about that. Im using XSI 6 Mod Tool. Can download other trial versions if needed though.

There’s plenty of info on compiling models (especially out of XSI) on the VDC. Just poke around in here: until you find what you need

Do you have any proper modeling experience , and if so , could you post pictures of your work?

I rather call it amature modeler. Here you go. The models arent very high-poly though, because of the engine i have been working in. Making high-poly models wont be hard, accually it will be easier. Details are importent for me.

This is some of my models.

Im sure you all can see that the textures arent that great.