Modeler/skinner needed for youtube series + group!

Hey guys. Title says it all. I need someone who knows what there doing when it comes to modeling. If your curios as to what we are doing (which I hope you are!) we are making SEVERAL series. We are trying to make a new generation in videos and this is done with new, nicely modeled characters. If you have some past works please post pictures (Although it will not be required or needed if you’ve made some type of nude skin/model idc just show it anyways I will not judge you). I have a mapper but not a modeler/skinner. If you work with a friend they will be accepted as well! I hope to see some positive replies. I would model myself but I do not have the tools nor do I know where or how to obtain them. Besides we need someone experienced!

Thanks for your time!

You dont really describe what you are making.

People will want to know what type of models (Human, animal, vehicle, etc)

And mappers sometimes specialise in one type of map (forests, cities, industrial stuff)

Be more specific.

O_o I think people got the wrong idea… Um I kinda needed someone for humanoid models. The idea was to get them into the group. Not just a one time deal…

Deal? Usually deal involves money :3:

:lol: XD Thank you for that I was having a bad day till then. BACK ON TOPIC: If you cant or do not want to join the group its all right cause its not like we are a clan. The group was to keep track of the people helping but I think I can rember a modeler/skinner

Pretty much saying need someone who can make humanoid models. I need them to stick around. If they join the group and stay alert with what we are doing thats a added bonus (btw its just a group for the youtube channel).


I would just like for people actually replying to know I’m grateful :3: I hope to see someone join soon. Until then :ninja: NINJA VANISH :ninja:

Making bio themed models (humans, animasl, etc) Its pretty hard and I’d yet to found a modeller that makes models just for youtube videos, I dont think it will be easy to find one that does it for free unless its a very good friend of yours or he has a shitload of spare time.

Well It’s just kinda like. Uh. Ok what I kinda need is new citizen models which can just be edited from the existing ones. I have a few pictures of what I need them to look like but I do not want them to go public. Also a couple modified combine/metrocop (still not wanting it to go public). Maybe a few other things but these are going to be used for long term use not just parodies (gmod idiot box + idiots of gmod) I do not expect instant completion but I still want them in a sorta good time. Its nothing to big.


Again nothing to big

I’d do it myself if I knew where to get a program for it >_>

Milkshape is good, and the trial version has alot of good stuff in it.

like me, your going to get a major headache! i’m just starting out to, i’m working on a player model myself with peices that were ported from the game that character came from.

now i’m getting headache’s from the time i get on my PC to end of the day when i shut it off, and barely any progress has been made what-so-ever other then spending a 2 days just to fix up the damaged model! someone replied to my thread yesterday saying that i have to download and install even MORE plugins that i’m having a hard time getting my hands on.

your better off getting someone else to do it, trust me -_-’

EDIT: by the way, is the subject going to be comedy or action based?

Thank you for your replys and to the question we are going to do a bit of both. The newest series is going to be one of those great mixtures of both. Anyways my offer still stands. If you know how to atleast alter a existing model/skin you may work. Also if you want to be in the productions I could use a few extra hands. Like I said before its nothing big. Just a few new things.


Like, for example, making a new civilian face or adding the head of a civilian to a cp instead of mask or just adding symbols to the cp (civil patrol for the ones who do not know) so people know who there favorite character is. Small stuff. There is only one that I need a completely new model for and its a hillbilly -.- Anyways these are really needed and there really small things.

So anyone up for it now that ive explained its a few small changes? XD



there is already a mod that can swap heads with other models called clothing mod, can’t help with the other stuff though.

:suicide: Thank your for your post. One of my friends is apparently a skinner so he will help. :suicide: