Modeler wanted for huge mapping project

I speak on behalf of the (nuclear war mapping team) NWMT, a group of 4 making a pre appocalyptic and post appocalyptic map of an american suburb.

The map is large and contains many shops and buildings .

The hl2 props arent enough for an RP map of this size.

The modeler would have to dedicated, and quite experienced.

Props we might need would include;
Road signs

Thank you , and you will be taking part in the biggest mapping project since freespace !

Email me on

Steam flapjack321

Oh boy,

Road signs

Those are quite easy if you don’t go over the top with sci-fi-like stuff.
also, has that project already started with mapping or not?

Yes it has, 3 days old we have most of the buildings done, but are in desperate need of props.

I will post an image or two of one of the buildings in a sec …


View from the outside, the wierd skybox and extreme lighting is for testing sake so dont be put off…

Isles were boring as hell to stack and lack food.

custom made basket props as you can see they are terrible…