Modelers Needed for a project

Hi there guys, I’m needing a few modelers for a project. However I’m trying to keep things discrete for right now, but if you know me or just want to give me a chance PM me for details. It does involve modeling things like laser guns and such.

For free?

I can help you out for at least $50 per model

Not for free, but in exchange you get admin on a server, and a portion of the donations.

Admin on server? Why would someone be intrested in admin on server?

Because it would help them have fun on it?

Pssst, nobody in this section really gives a fuck.

admin is always used as a form of payment, to tell you the truth anyone looking to model something isnt going to be looking for admin access to some sever with a bunch of teens who dont have dates on saturday night, if we are going to model something we want payment, real money, so we can use it for our dates on saturday night

Hey guys just to let you know, please add me on steam if interested. I can save about 80$ a month for models. :v