Modelers wanted for WWI Game

Hello, I’m looking for modelers for my WWI game. I am not going to be what is typically referred to as “The Ideas Guy” as I am well able to help, and I actually want to learn more about the other fields as well, however my main strength is programming. Modeling however is the opposite spectrum of my forte, hence why I’m asking for help here. It’s going to be mainly a FPS game, although there will be more to it then running around akin to a decapitated Chicken. If you are interested then please don’t hesitate to PM me. I thank you for reading this.

I’m really well versed on US WWI soldiers/field equipment/weaponry and anything related. WWII/WWI are my forte. Let me know if you need assistance with the general look of anything!

I appreciate it. If I get modelers I’ll keep you in mind.

This has the potential to be utterly beautiful.

What engine would you be using, might I ask?