Modeling 101

So I’m currently running a server that has begun picking up on players and donations, (hl2rp)… So I’m wondering if there is an ipdated how to guide on making a clockwork compatible hl2rp model for garrysmod, or a way to learn? What programs to start with…?

I saw a steam app/program/website for the modeling program… Fuse and it seemed easy, but I don’t know the limits of making animations for models on gmod
Such as the combine assassin models for hl2rp doing somersaults when they jump…

3D Max is my choice but sometimes people use Maya and… that other program blender.

but if the first two are your choice try digital tutors, they have mostly everything but they lack certain things that a few other websites make up for.

Where can I find digital tutors on Blendspace if I may ask? I honestly wanna learn this to the full potential.

I always wondered what program Dave Brown used, anyone have an insight on this?

Anyways… I would have used 3D max but it was like… 3000k to buy…? And I haven’t seen a pricing on Maya, I have Blender already.

Why would you need to buy it? You’re not selling your models…

Just get a student license

Sorry to bother again… what is the best version of 3ds max for making a model for gmod?

not 2012 from what i’ve heard.

I use 2012 and I haven’t had any issues with it at all. It’s the last version I can use all of Wunderboy’s scripts at, anyway.

What is wunderboy’s script? :o
Sorry for all these questions, I wanna know as much as I can, before I start attempting to learn.

So is 2012 the most friendly/Compatible for Gmod player models? I hear 2014 doesn’t support the plug ins for Gmod friendly model makers.

Wunderboy wrote scripts for SMD importing/exporting and for VTA exporting, but he picked up a job and retired from the modding world in mid 2012. As far as I know, WallWorm tools are the only SMD tools still actively keeping up with 3ds max – they should support 2013 and 2014, but various other plugins I use for dealing with models from other engines and such don’t work well after 2012 anyway and I have no need for the fancy stuff WallWorm provides. Unless you know of any features you really, really want to have that 2013 or 2014 add, I’d say sticking to 2012 should be perfectly fine but it’s all personal preference in the end.

I’m not sure if this is a bad question but I liked a lot of the body froups ans clothing choices tnb used, any idea on where I can get those models?