Modeling and Skins Program?

can anyone help me?!?!
wondering what programs you should use to make Ragdolls and personal skins.

Yeah you get it Modeling program and that.

but i want tutorial,

want to Update my personal skin.

3D Max The End.
No tut for you.

I personally use Blender3D and use a converter to change the file type to make it usable by source engine, it just what I’ve learnt, its fully free, easy to use once you learn it and many tutorials even on the home website.

you will be looking for this emblem

We really need a sticky on this subject.

MDL Decompiler can somone give me working one?

Just search for it on google.

We really, really do.

I’ve raised the issue before and apparently there was one, but it has been lost as Garry un-stickied it because he doesn’t like them. He only likes one per subforum.

OP, I use XSI 7.5 and I think it’s great.

It’s so easy to get use to.

You think I should just write one and see if a mod stickies it? I don’t think I’m the right person for the job, but it seems everybody qualified to write one is too busy actually modeling. I may just give it a shot.