Modeling for Games

After some thought I finally decided to give modeling a try but I’m not sure where to begin. I have some experience with modeling and animation in Maya and 3DS (and have access to both) from a few Film courses in digital animation. Modeling isn’t the problem, the simple stuff I’ve made so far isn’t exactly going to ‘wow’ the film industry, but the I know my way around so to speak(as shown by this cute little guy)[/media]

My problem is all the modeling and animation I’ve done has been strictly for video/animation and I’ve no clue on the what differences and processes are involved when it comes to modeling and exporting for games (for Gmod, of course :D).

I’m not asking for someone to guide me through things step by step, I’m just hoping to get some help on the basic differences, recommendations from modelers on some good guides, that sort of thing. Of course more information is welcome and I’d greatly appreciate it, but I’m sure people have more important things to work on than individual tutoring.

This thread might help you:

Thanks I’ll look over that.