Modeling for Garry's Mod

I’m trying to make a model where i could go inside but i can’t.

I can spawn the model in the game but it isn’t possible to go inside.
Why can’t i go inside?

Program used: 3ds Max 2010

your physic model is convex. You need to make it out of boxes like 1 for 1 side, and 1 for the top. Will give you 4 part. and then it should work.

Ok. Is it possible to cut models in 3ds max?

I don’t know, I’m not using 3ds max.

What program are you using? Is it possible to cut models with that program?

well, I’m using blender and define cutting model. Like making a hole in it or cutting it 2 part.

in 3ds max it is possible. But trust me, much easier it will be to make 4 simple boxes arround it. Than using blooean to slice them.

It’s not easy to make a model from the beginning ^^

It’s a box…

Just make 4 boxes as the physic model. Boolean fucks up if you don’t do it properly.

Box is an example, I have made other models aswell.

Sorry for double post but i’m still having problems with modeling.
I made the model from many pieces and look what happens…

How can i fix it? Is the problem in modeling or in compiling the model to mdl?

I can see two problems there. The first is the missing textures. Since you don’t seem to have a texture applied in-editor, I can only tell you that you should fix that.

The second problem seems to be that some faces are not attached to the bone. I can’t say for sure how that happened or how to fix it without a better look at the model.

You don’t need any bones for a prop.

Before exporting to .smd :

Imported .smd file :

Problem in exporting to .smd?


There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that when you export, the 3dsmax object data is lost because the model is converted into source compatible vertex data.
On importing, it only knows that one object exists, so imports it as one single model.
I’m sure that they remain separate elements though, so you can still select them individually through your editable mesh/poly modifier.
If you need them as they were before exporting, then you could probably explode them into separate objects again.

But the game recognizes the model as a box or something, so i cant walk on the stairs in the game.

Still, how can i fix it?

You have to build the physbox separately to the model, in much less detail. It has to be made out of cuboids / cylinders.

So for those stairs you’d have a cuboid for the bottom part of it, then a another cuboid for the stairs (going all the way up) then one at the top. For each part of the physbox you need to select it and set smooth (so that each part of the physbox has a separate smoothing group)

There is a maximum number of parts that a physbox can have, but I can’t remember the number off the top of my head, I’m sure its on the valve wiki or something