modeling help, multiple questions

im new, but i have been around for 2 years but i just never bothered to make an account.

k so im trying to make a ragdoll for gmod from scratch.

  1. how do i put multiple textures on one model, as have 1 texture for the head and the rest for the body
    -im using 3ds max 2009
    -the head and body are attached into 1 object but are different elements in it
    -need a different uv unwrap for each element
    (figured it out, u seperate each element and add the unwrap uvw to each and sken them and convert them back into editable polys and attach them back into one single object)

  2. how many triangles can be in a ragdoll in the source engine?

  3. if i put a mesh smooth modifier onto my model and export it and compile, will it come out smooth?(nvm i figured out question 3 by trying it)

this isnt a simple block with bones, its a character with about 2300 polygons (tell u how many triangles later) without any modifiers. i have finished the model already and set up the bones for skinning. once i texture it and add the bones, im planning to release it ill add pictures of it so far if u want. thx

1 - Just select the faces/elements that you want to apply the texture to and simply drag it on. Remember that Source uses it’s own material system, so all you need to use is a simple diffuse texture.

o sry forgot to say that i need to use uvw unwrap, i ment to say that i need to have a different uv for each element