Modeling help?

I want to start modeling for gmod and was wondering if someone could link me to a good tutorial. At some point I want to start making player models for my server. I have a bit of experience with Minecraft animation in blender so I have a vague familiarity with the program. (It was a while ago, mind you) There are probably lots but I just don’t feel like digging through the old threads.

Modeling from scratch?

I just started a tutorial series on 3D modeling in 3DS Max:

Eventually I will start doing projects where I will take you through creating props, weapons, and characters from start to finish. I will add at least two more videos later today.

Yeah, I want to learn how to model from scratch even if I don’t use it much so I know how to do the whole process not just retextures.

I’ll check those out, I hope you make more soon.

What program do you intend on using?

Preferably Blender because I am most familiar with how to use it but if there are some better turorials for programs like 3DS Max I’m fine to learn my way around a new program.

It’s best to learn multiple programs since some are better than others at certain tasks, and you can make a personal choice of which you like most later.

Okay. Is there any other tutorials out there other than that video tutorial because I don’t want to wait for him to keep uploading the new videos.