Modeling Help

I am in search of some modelers that can help us create some models for a mod that a couple of people and I are working on. The only thing that is really needed are maybe a couple map props such as different textured barrels and crates, things of that nature. Also, we are in need of weapons and the animations to said weapons, we have an ample programmer that can compile and arrange the stats and ammunition, variables such as that.

For the mod, it is a post-apocalyptic mod (and yes I am fully aware of the excessive amount of mods that are based around the comparable setting) that takes place in Chernobyl (and again aware of the setting).
The mod is for game-play purposes merely. The variables of the mod will extend into game-play elements like weapon dexterity, hunger/stamina, and encumbrance. These will all be accomplished by our programmer so no need to dread.

You can have any type of experience, we would like to have some weapons to showcase on ModDB in time for February.



Bump. This may be out of impulse or the lack of patience I have, but if this cannot be done, or if my request is unreasonable, please inform me, if so then I can search in a modeling community elsewhere or change my standards. And please read the top lol(its not that much text).