Modeling in sketchup to garrysmod?

ok so I don’t feel like spending 1000+ on a modeling program and blender is hard for me so I’m using the L4D authoring tools to make some models for gmod. The problem is that I have no background in modeling so idk what qc is and how to compile and all that. I have searched for a tutorial and the tutorials I found are in video form and I don’t have speakers. I can make the .smd but I nedd to know how to do everything else.


Ok I just randomly clicked a number on the google thing (where it says GOOOOOOOOOOGLE) and I found a written tutorial so close this or whatever.

Post the link to the tutorial, its always useful to have them around ^^

This is a webpage that linked me to the sites :,1128876473,16115/912320/0#2

Humm i’m dubious to the accuracy of those links (having read them myself), they are a bit old and nothing there actually tells you how to set up a compiler or the SDK (unless you have that bit sorted).

Also you will likely need the Source SDK to compile models, as i’m not sure if the L4D one has the studiomdl.exe (does it?)

Edit: Had a look and it does, thats handy to know, anyone know if its any different to the one in the SDK?