Modeling in SolidWorks

Hi forum,
Is there any way to create models in Solid Works and then import them in Gmod and by the way is there any program which is the most popular for making Gmod models and importing the models in Gmod ??

Hi newf.

You can use the Hammer editor/Source SDK for gmod shit, I’ve never done anything with solidworks.

Solidworks isn’t good for graphical modeling. Use 3DS Max or something, and head over to the modeling section for that kind of stuff

Solidworks is a CAD modelling application and will generally provide models much too high-poly when exporting to a mesh format. You can optimize the model but it’s a lot of work to get it perfect that way. You would be better off trying something like 3DS Max or XSI, both of which have very good exporters to the Source engine.