Modeling ( not a request)

I recently started to making models in blender for me to mess around with in games…
The only problem is…I can’t find a program etc to help me convert to files to a .mdl…

If anyone knows how to help me with this please tell me… Thank you.

Really need help I tried several different programs none incorporate the 3ds and mdl files together :’(

I found a link for a way of making models:

Try it, or have you looked there already?

Yeah it’s helpful but…I don’t have all of those Extract options I only have to top five… :confused:

You need an smd exporter for blender. For ragdolls you’ll wind up exporting a total of 3 smd files, one for the model itself, one for the skeleton, and one for the collision model. I’m pretty sure it’s the same deal for a static prop. After that, you’ll need to set up a .qc file that tells a program, such as studiocompiler, what to do with the .smd files. You use studiocompiler to compile them in to the various files you’ll need, including the .mdl. As for materials…I haven’t gotten that far in my attempts, so hopefully someone else can tell you what you need to do. If you search around on that site digigamer linked you to, you’ll find lots of helpful info on all this. I’d link you to a tutorial, but the only decent one I know of is for 3ds max, not blender, but I know there are some tutorials floating around. Just do a search for “modeling for source in blender”, I think it’ll lead you to a youtube video tutorial.