Modeling OBJ to MDL

Well, I am quite good at modeling and I would like to put my models into Garry’s Mod. I have no clue how to import model into Garry’s Mod or transform a OBJ file into a MDL file. I do not know how this really works, so… please give me a link of help or just tell me help directly.

Modeling Software: Hexagon 2.5

Thank you for your help!

as long as it’s just a prop, you can just replace the SMD with the OBJ in the qc and it should compile fine.

Where is the QC, what is the QC, is it a program? LINK PLEASE! :slight_smile:

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QC is a scriptable file format. You would need notepad++ with a plugin to read, write, and execute the compiling.

This guide is a good one for starters:

Also i suggest you get blender and the smd plugin.