Modeling question:

Hiya, I had to ask a quick question about Gun Models, what programs should I use to decompile weapons and change animations, hand placements, etc.


I don’t even know where to start :s

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Why the hell are there so many reading?

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Because this is a very serious question

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To answer your question, search up GUIStudioMDL by Cannonfodder. That’ll get you started on decompiling.
From there, get either Blender, XSI, Maya, or 3dsMax, find an SMD Importer for whichever program you decide on, and start learning the program.
After that, you can actually get to work changing animations and altering hand placement.

It’s a very intensive process that requires dedication, especially if you’re starting with zero prior knowledge.

All right, thanks Squiddy :D.

well, lmao pics is funny and shit, that’s why people are reading it