Modeling request - Kirito

Can someone please model Kirito from SAO(Sword Art Online) and his sword for hl2 engine (GMod) ? :frowning:
I tried to do it myself but I just can’t find a good tutorial of modeling playermodels and models (him, and his sword).

Some Pics:
(Ignore the sword on his back, it’s not the right sword, it’s a look of the coat from the back)-
(Front face and coat and part of sword) -
(Him has two swords, I’d be happy of course if you can model them both but the right one is the more important) -
(Full Body Front) -
(Face-Side closeup) -
**(If you agree to model duel blades… + It is a face closeup and coat - Right called Elucidator - which is the more important - left called Dark Repulser) -**
**(Elucidator - More important sword) - **エリュシデータ.png
**(Dark Repulser sword) - **ダークリパルサー.png
(More Elucidator pics) -
(More Dark Repulser pics) -
**(More Kirito Pics) - **

That’s all there is !
I’d Really thank you if you model him and his sword - Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Hello you do realize writting in bold doesn’t do anything but annoy the person reading your post :rolleye:

There already is a model anyway

I could probably port a model of him from SAO: Infinity Moment PSP game as well as some other characters but I’m not sure if it’s worth it because the model is pretty low quality. But at least it’s already rigged.
Here is a picture:

How to install ? There’s no room for OBJ or MDX in Garry’s Mod.
+Just wanted to make it easier to know what’s a link and what’s text-to-read because on the editing it seems like it wasn’t hyper-text.

That’s just the base model. You’ll have to import it into whatever modeling program and rig it or see if someone else can rig it.

I’ve just tried downloading and opening that model and I have to say that porting it to gmod without heavy editing is a bad idea. The body looks decent but the head is horible, even model from PSP game looks better in that regard.
Sorry for repeating myself, but I can actually port the model I was talking about earlier, if you want me to. It’s probably the best you can get because I doubt that anybody here will be willing to model it from scratch.

can you combine them ? And I would want it, thank you :slight_smile:

I can try but I don’t know if I’ll manage to combine them properly. In any case I’ll at least port the Infinity Moment version of Kirito as a ragdoll (with eyeposing) + his swords and maybe a couple of other major characters from the series (like Asuna) while I’m at it.

Thank you very much !!! Let me know when done :slight_smile:

So, here are the first results:

It’s not ready yet, but it will be quite soon. The quality of the models isn’t that high and the textures are low-res (about 128x128), but unfortunately I can’t do much about it. I managed to edit the face texture to look fairly decent and add eyeposing but that’s the best I can do.

Nice :slight_smile:
By the way, do you happen to have a modeling guide ?
I want to learn so I can someday model him high-res and use the model :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don’t.
By the way do you want the model for GMod or SFM? It will probably work for both, but it’ll require some additional tweaking to work properly in GMod.

As far as modeling tutorials there’s always these:

To playlist:

They’re a little bit old, but the information is still good.

GMOD please

I’ll make Tutorial, Start - Finish, But not ATM. Lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

So, here is the model: Download
Includes Kirito as ragdoll and his swords as props. The Elucidator had a different color in the game for some reason so I made an additional skin to match the original better. The models are SFM compatible if someone will ever want to use them there.

Thank you SO MUCH but the model’s not appearing after putting it in the “addons” folder, maybe I did something wrong?

I don’t really remember what you need in order to make GMod recognize it as addon. You can either put models and materials folders from the archive in some other addon or put them in the garrysmod folder.

I tried them both, usually installing addons is really easy - I just drag it in the addons. I don’t know why, but it’s not working :((( Could you try it yourself?

Just got to the “addons” folder, create a new folder, put “models” and “materials” folder in it and finally and this file (rename it to addon.txt) in the same folder. This should make it work.