Modeling request - You Are Empty.

Can someone please model Enemys and weapons from YAE(You Are Empty)to hl2 engine (GMod)?
I tried to do it myself but I just can’t find a good tutorial of modeling playermodels and models(Really)


And more from this game,Please.

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Not buildings no cars from game.

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Only enemies and weapons right.

What the fuck why no reporting me models from this game>:(

Because nobody here is obligated to fulfill your requests. If they have any interest in your request, then they’ll probably post something. Otherwise, be patient and try learning how to do it yourself in the case that your request doesn’t even get fulfilled by someone else around here. Getting pissy and asking why the fuck nobody is giving you models just makes you seem like some random little ten year old that thinks they’re entitled to have everything they want.

Are you seriously dense enough that you think posting crap like this will make people say “oh hey, he’s mad! We better port some models for that guy!”

Because (and this may come as a shock to you) it won’t.

Im sorry guy :frowning: