Modeling/Skinning Help needed

This is the thread where I and if anyone else who need it, get help from people that know how to do modeling and or re-skinning for garrysmod. I already know how to skin. But i have a few questions.

  1. How do i make it so that my new skins apply to one model, and that model becomes its own standalone model (so that the skin doesnt altar the other models, such as all the models in male/group_01)? If you need me to re-explain the question in a more understandable way, i will.

You can re-compile it.

You need:
Source SDK with UPDATED content.

FIRST: set your sdk engine to 2009, and game to Half life 2.

Then start with opening C:\Steam\Steamapps\source models.gcf with gcf scape.
Browse to \hl2\models\Humans\Group01\Male_01.mdl and extract all of the files that start with ‘Male_01’ to your desktop (anywhere really).

Now use the MDL decompiler (with ALL of the little boxes unchecked) to decompile the model. You will get a bunch of files, all that matters is the .qc.

Open the .qc file with notepad, and edit these two lines to your liking:

$modelname "folder\modelname"
$cdmaterials "folder\modelname"

in this example, we will compile your new citizen model to

and make it search for the textures in

So our new code will look like this:

$modelname "mymodel\Male_01.mdl"
$cdmaterials "models\mymodel"

Now, save and drag your new .qc file onto
a black box should appear and WHITE text should flash across the screen for a COUNTABLE amount of time. This means your model has compiled successfully and it can be found in your half-life 2 folder.

now that your model is done, it needs textures! Drag your skin WITH the .vmt into hl2\materials\models\mymodel*, now this won’t make it work, you need to open the .vmt with notepad, and edit the lines to direct the game to the correct textures, for example
$basetexture “models\humans\citizensheet.vtf”
would be changed to
$basetexture “models\mymodel\citizensheet.vtf”

Then you are done, copy the model files and textures into gmod and enjoy.

Edit: Tell me if i messed up somewhere, I made this pretty quick and vague…

the MDL decompiler wont run.

Is your source sdk running?

How come it lets you select HL:2 under Source 2009 it will only let me have HL:2 EP:2 and even then it wont let me compile anything under that setting.

Not sure, I can compile things and play with them in garrys mod just fine though. :l

Also kiodrin, you must put it in your sdk episode one bin folder, read up on how to use the mdl decompiler.

Refresh configurations.

ah, didnt know i had to specifically put the mdl decompiler in a certain place, thx for the tip!


Do you own hl:2? perhaps installing it if you do and yet have not installed it yet.


Ok, i appear to have followed all of the instructions, but now, after I went into Gmod to find my model, I couldnt, I was not able to find it at all, am i doing something wrong, or was something left out?

Yes I have it and it’s installed, never played it though, would that make a difference?

i dont think it would make a difference, hmm… did you try reinstalling s:sdk?

try updating your steam client?

see if any of your games need to be updated/re-installed.

I’ve selected a Garry’s Mod Model and it’s write : unable to load model, how to fix it ?? Thanks !