Modeling tutorials???

Where can I find good modeling tutorials, and what programs do I need in order to model for Source. Like Team Fortress 2, and Source Filmmaker.

I want to start doing modeling I just need the right tutorial and programs.

Please help.

You will need 3DS Max for it for this tutorial by Millenia

Just maya? Any other programs? Plus, It doesn’t look like this tutorial can be used for source?

The tutorial is for 3DS Max, not Maya. And the tutorial CAN be used for Source, but that particular one you were linked to covers the basics of making the models themselves before getting them into Source. The entire tutorial series covers creating the high-poly and low-poly models (parts 1 and 2), creating the UV map and baking (part 3), texturing the model (part 4), and then getting into the Source engine (part 5 for Counter-Strike Source, which is very simlar to GMod’s methods for the most part, and part 6 for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). There’s also a couple of tutorials for getting your model into Fallout: New Vegas and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series (part 7 and 8, respectively). You can find the entire playlist for the tutorial here.

Oh. Any other programs?

I’m pretty sure parts 4 through 6 will tell you what you need to use, but I’ll save you some time and list them off here.

Programs you’ll need:

  • 3DS Max: You can get a copy for free from Autodesk’s website by signing up for a student copy.

  • An image editing program to work on the textures (GIMP or Photoshop are the more commonly used programs; GIMP is completely free, and you can get Photoshop CS2 for free from Adobe’s website).

  • VTFEdit for working on the .VMT files and converting .VTF files back and forth between the .VTF format and other image formats such as .DDS and .TGA. You can also just use Notepad instead for editing the .VMT files, but I’ve seen that it’s commonly suggested for people to use VTFEdit instead.

  • A compiling/decompiling program to compile/decompile models for/from the Source engine. StudioCompiler 0.4a or Crowbar are both viable options, but Crowbar is usually suggested over StudioCompiler 0.4a.

  • Source-related plug-ins for 3DS Max. Wunderboy’s plug-ins are a bit more commonly used, but Wallworm’s tools are also a viable choice if you take the time to read the documentation for it.

Things I suggest you get:

  • A plug-in to read the .VTF format for the respective program you decide to go with for editing textures. This comes in very handy since you won’t have to use VTFEdit to convert the texture files back and forth between the .VTF format and other image formats.

  • Notepad++ for editing .VMT files. I’ve personally found it to be a bit more helpful to use this over VTFEdit for working on .VMT files, but this is entirely optional since VTFEdit and Notepad can be used to do the same thing.

  • 3DS Max 2012. Although 3DS Max is pretty much required for the tutorials playlist you were linked to, 3DS Max 2012 is still the more commonly used version from what I’ve noticed due to the Wunderboy’s Source-related plug-ins still functioning rather well up to the 2012 version of 3DS Max. Unfortunately, 3DS Max 2013 and up are incapable of using Wunderboy’s plug-ins, so Wallworm’s tools are your only option for 2013 and up. Wallworm’s tools can be a bit confusing and/or frustrating to work with if you don’t take the time to read the proper documentation, so I highly suggest that you take the time to read the documentation if you decide to go with 3DS Max 2013 or later.

  • Time, effort, and patience. If you’re planning on making quality content for other people to use, it’s better to put more time and effort into working on the content than to rush what you’re working on, as well as being patient when you run into problems and either try to solve them yourself or ask others for assistance. If you’re not willing to put the time and effort into what you’re wanting to do to make sure it’s top quality or if you don’t have the patience to learn everything so that you can do it yourself, this might not be the ideal thing for you to do as a hobby/profession.

Thank you!