Modeling Virgin?

I’m interested in getting into modeling but I honestly don’t know where to start. What programs could I use? How would I go about starting? Is it similar to sourceSDK at all?

I’m eager to learn since I haven’t found models for the map I’m making so I figured I just do them myself if I can’t find anyone to do them. Plus I know it’ll help if I move to the unreal engine as well. Help?

This is how i started

Cinema 4D (experimenting with a single box model)
Blender (Actually started to make swords and shields)
Zbrush (Playing with really high poly stuff and sculpting)
3D’s Max (Started to rig my models and create some advanced stuff)
Mudbox (Again playing with high poly models but it really gave me some good ideas)

And then back into 3D’s max and i just learned to rig my models from Mario’s guide to ragdolling.

You don’t have to follow this at all. Just look these programs up and see if you like any of em’.

I started with Blender, and that’s all I’ve needed so far. There’s a bunch of good tutorials as well.

I’ve started with blender as well. The first thing I ever imported into Gmod I made with the help of a tutorial on youtube and a guide to creating models in source which can be found on the source developer’s wiki. It takes a little longer than you might expect, but really once you’ve learned all of the hotkeys you can do anything your imagination would like. I’ve seen amazing things done in 3DS Max and I suppose that program is better, but it costs quite a bit. If you’re just learning, there’s nothing wrong with blender. There are more guides for it than you would ever need.

I started with xsi.
And I am still stuck on it. >_>

3DS Max, Racer’s AKS 74u tutorial. GOGOGO!