Modeling: Where to start?

I want to start learning how to model, What would be better, Blender or Softimage, or maybe something else? I’m looking for something somewhat easy to get started with, and don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on 3dsMax or similar programs.

XSI mod tool is better than blender.

by better, do you mean, easier to use, or more powerful?

Easier to use, more powerful, just all round better.

They certainly need a lot of information before they’ll let you download it.

I find the exact inverse of ploxinator’s statement true for me. Blender is very powerful and easy to use if you can get past the initial learning barrier. If you have a fairly decent memory for keyboard shortcuts it can be very fast as well as flexible.

As for features, the only thing I have run into so far that interested me that it is unable to do is N-gons. (Faces connecting more than four points.)

It also has a pair of fairly good rendering programs that can create quite nice effects.

I can’t say it is the best, as I am not experienced enough to make a valid opinion on the subject, but I much prefer it over XSI.

If you are interested enough in learning blender, I would recommend this library of tutorials:

I’m up to the making a simple person chapter, but i think I’ve missed a few things, I keep having to go back and figure out what different things are.

bleders UI is overcomplicated, 3DS Max’s UI is worse though, Lightwave 3D has the best UI i have seen.

Well, if you need any help feel free to ask. If you stick with it, you can eventually leave the tutorials and start work at your own pace. I went through quite a few of the tutorials there and eventually go to the point where I am comfortably making stuff like this:

I just finished downloading Softimage Mod tool, and the UI does seem a lot more intuitive than Blender, I guess I’ll try them both for a while and see which one I’m better at.

doesn’t 3ds max just have the most noob friendly ui ever?

3DS MaX UI= That seems reasonable.

My short review of their UI’s

being a college student, I can get 3dsMax 10 for about $400, which is cheap compared to the $3500 non-students pay, but I wouldn’t invest that much into a program unless I had a good level of experience with 3d modeling.

I use 3ds Max alot easier than Soft Image, i tried both but 3ds Max has alot features, u can get the Trial for 30 Days

I think I’m kind of starting to figure Blender out, although my attempt at making a car turned into a blob with cylinders sprouting out at random angles.

there are methods (- )(- ) ( -)( -)… (*whispering:torrents, get them for free)

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Here’s some tips.

  • Model with quads and later turn them into tris.
  • Start with planes. Planes are your best friend. Learn them. Use them.
  • Use Snaps Toggle to make your life a whole lot easier. You can right click on most of the things in the toolbar for additional options and accuracy.
  • If you’re modeling something complex like a face get it right the first time with good topology. Making a mess and then later trying to clean it up is difficult.
  • Stay away from booleans, no matter how tempting they may be.
  • Learn the Morph tool to make UVW mapping a whole lot easier.
  • Smoothing groups are important. Don’t just select all the faces and choose a single group; your hopefully good geometry will look terrible.

morph tool?

The Morph tool is an extremely useful tool located in Compound Objects. Say you’ve just made a complex pipe that bends in several places. The best way to UV Map a pipe is using the cylinder mapping tool right? But the pipe bends and you need to use the cylinder mapping tool in several places and it gets completed around the bends.

The solution? Copy the pipe and move the copy away. Use Edit Mesh or Poly to make the original pipe completely straight with no bends and then make a perfect UVW by using the cylinder mapping tool once. Once UV mapped, go into Morph and choose the pipe copy you made. The straight pipe with good UV’s will morph into the bent pipe and you will have a good UV Map.

whoa, that makes uv mapping a million times easier, I’ve always wondered if 3dsmax had a feature like that… but never knew where to look.

thanks for the info