Could someone teach me how to model for weapons and stuff? Because I want to make a different gun model for the SMG1, But I want to make it myself so any lessons help, anything? BTW I’m not going to download XSI Modding Tool.

Learn to model, search some tutorials. Do something.
And it’s not very easy to do. Don’t hope your first model to look pretty

If you aren’t going to download a modelling program, then don’t bother modelling.

First, download XSI Modding Tool.

I’d recomend 3Ds Max, it’s expensive, but you can try the thirty day full trial even if you can’t afford the full program. Don’t listen to people that say it’s too hard to bother starting, 3Ds Max has loads of tutorials built in to get you started. I’ve only been doing it for a few weeks, and I’ve already released a model pack.

If you are a student, then you can get big discounts on most modelling programs. I think the same thing applies to things like photoshop too.

From Google and the company sites, student prices and regular prices are (at least in America):

[li]**Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 “Superpack” **(3ds max /w watermark render, mudbox, motion builder, cleaner, toxik): 190 USD for 14 month student license vs. 4250-4750 USD (750 for mudbox, 3500-4000 for 3ds Max 2010)
[/li][li]**Autodesk Maya Unlimited “Superpack” **(Maya Unlimited 2009, cleaner, toxik, motion builder): 200 USD for 14 month student license vs. 3500-4000 USD (Autodesk Maya 2010)
[/li][li]Autodesk Softimage 7.5 (formerly XSI Softimage 7.5): 185 USD for 13 month student license/300 USD for perpetual student license vs. 3000-3800 USD
[/li][li]Luxology Modo 401: 150 USD for 12 month student license (includes any upgrades during the time, if student license used + renewed for 2 years total, can upgrade to permanent for upgrade price) vs. 900-1200 USD

The free ones I know of are Milkshape 3D (okay), Wings3D (terrible), and Blender (best of three).

Milkshape wasn’t free last time I looked. It was $40.

My bad. I didn’t see an obvious price tag on the main site, so I just assumed.

It’s still a load of crap compared to Blender though.

woah woah woah woah are you calling wings 3d terrible? take that back.

I suppose it’s nice to begin with but it won’t take you very far, sadly.

I have been modeling with Wings 3d for 4+ years and I can go anywhere with it.

Nevermind I won’t model thanks to some of you assholes. >:(


Wait. How would I make a weapon on blender?

Well I would start with a vertex, throw in another to make a line, use enough of those and you got some polygons BAM you got a gun.

Uhh, no. Start with a plane and extrude from that. Why make it the hard way?

yes hmmm ok i would use hyper-nurbs in combination with CAD software

I recommend hyper-cubes in conjunction with the Topocad base module.

Once you’ve mastered hyper-cubes you can model anything, even things that can’t physically exist.

Yay 4 dimentional objects ftw :stuck_out_tongue: (how exactly do you model that?)


Wait I don’t understand.