Modeller for PcTuning v10

As the title says, I’m looking for a guy/girl that is able to model/skin 3d models such as:
[/li][li]Server rack
[/li][li]USB drive

If you don’t know what PcTuning is, it’s a pack that contains about 280 models and has been used quite a lot on roleplay servers and comics.

PM me if you’re interested.
Greets Glenn :wink:

This could be really usefull!

But PcTuning v9 was only reskinning the CSS computer which didnt look good.

Could you add a custom computer model on the request list too? Maybe a widescreen too?

I’m planning to have about 350 skins for the CSS monitor and then the same 350 for a custom widescreen monitor. :wink:

Sounds great but we could still use a computer model that is made perfectly for one skin.