Modeller needed!

Hey guys

I am needing a modeller for garry’s mod, You will avible to edit weapons, and edit cars, I will give more information about it at steam or skype

Ofcourse i will pay, Payment will be taken in the chat!
If you have any media of your work, Paste it here^^


Skype: HoneyCSS
Steam: Carbon_95

If your serious about this, post it in the place where your most likely going to get people who are interested in modeling.

As for the modeling, do you have any more details? What do you need modeled? I might be able to help you, as I’m in a bit of a modeling mood right now.

Just noticed that i put it in wrong section, I’m serious about this and i will pay for this!
I have what i want in chat, But i wont let it out for all^^