Modeller / Scripter for Hire!- 500$


can i hav dosh now?

Noob ! :smiley: ^^

what are you new?

What the hell do you mean “noob” this is by far the best modeling job i have seen in weeks

hes better than 343 studio modelers

pay him now

I am new :3

Still looking for a modeller, Wiill be need: Civillian police car, Just put police lights inside it then done !

PM / Email,

so something like this then

500 dolla pls

Something like that yes, send Me your steam Name in pm if you WANT! We talk about Price there, i added you

just fyi that was a joke, it’s the Driver: San Francisco Ford Crown Victoria with interior lights modified from the GTA IV Bufallo’s

you know its troubling how easy it is to get 500 dollars hah

So you cant make it LOÖ i know that it was from there, thougt you had in gmod lol

it’s troubling how nobody here seems to WANT 500 dollars, if I wasn’t in university right now I’d be all over this like a flannel.

I would take this on in a second but im only good with organics, and most other people here are only good with guns, vehicle modelers are slightly harder to come by here.

Still looking for a Mapper

Mapper? Make your mind up sir

Mapper is like modeller^^

So $500 = 10 - 20 hours of work depending on skill level

Up to 500 dollars ! Now i WANT One car, a civilian police car!

500 for a full car doesn’t seem like a half bad gig
Wouldn’t say I was good enough to take it on though, sadly

Nice to see someone offering more than $10 for the work though

I had other cars in progress, so One car wont be 500