Modeller wanted for space themed gamemode

I’m looking for an experienced modeller to make a batch of models for a space themed gamemode. The models required are for life support equipment- Air compressors, tanks, things of that nature. Please be willing to submit examples of previous work - screencaps will do. Feel free to post here or by private message.


Compensation? :v:

Uhm. Credit and an opportunity to work as part of the team? What do you expect? It’s not like I’m making any money from this.

Dohoho. I would help you, but I don’t really have any shots of previous work, so sorry. :eng101:

I don’t think my request is unreasonable. I don’t want my mod to look like shit, and I’m not gonna waste anyone’s time asking them to build models that I’m going to reject.

Look, people usually want to get paid for quality models, no matter where they are used. Price:Quality they say and some firms charge hundreds of dollars for relatively simple models. Because you know, they have to eat, pay their rents and those kind of things.

However, I’m willing to try it out, send me a reference image or concept image of one of the models you need and I’ll show you (and try my own ‘skills’) what I’m capable of. If you don’t like it, I won’t be bothering you.

I have no qualms with someone wanting to be paid for their work, and in professional settings it would be appropriate and quite frankly, expected. Honestly though, how many amateur mod teams hire professional firms to build their content? Where would that money come from? They’re not building a product to sell; they do their work purely for the love of the craft. It’s a hobby. We do this for no other reason than for the fun of it, to release the mod and be proud of it.

Now, if there’s anyone out there with the skills I’m looking for who would like to be part of an up and coming gamemode team for the reasons above, either post or PM me. The screenshot of your work doesn’t necessarily have to be related to the project; I just want to make sure you can do the work

And I just want to make sure you can provide me work

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I haven’t made much for source because I usually can’t come up with stuff to actually make, but I have ported models a lot so I know my way around in source.

My friend have lately been requesting models for his Jurassic Park map project, so I have made a few: