Modelling a hand, does this look right or wrong?

Hey there. Im currently in the process of modelling a character and Im trying to get the hand right but something about it looks wrong. Ive checked with references online and I still cant see to quite get it. For any of those experianced modellers out there, could you give me some feedback? These fcking sausage fingers are really annoying me

Fingers look a bit too long and thin.

cracked me up. why that? you don’t have hands? no lights in your room… neh?!? :wink:

needs more beef on it. more subdiv cage or less smooth. or do it ‘low poly’. both together seem awkward.

Maybe i aint got hands and ive been using my peanis this whole time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But yeah i get what you mean and il give this a shot

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Updated screenshots :

well… yeh… a lil different. you still got a long road ahead. you just gotta do it.

let me just ask what universe the model gotta end up in?

Im modelling the ShyGirl and this is gona be used for a upcoming :quotes:“animation”:quotes: that ive got planned. It wont be for garrymod or any game since the poly count is stupidly high, but I may release a new thread about this project, but thanks for the help! :slight_smile: