Modelling a spiralling box


I’m trying to learn modelling, and I’ve started on a knife for the spy in TF2.

Part of the handle of said weapon has to be a spiralling box. But as you can see on this screenshot, my initial attempt takes up a lot of polygons and leaves these ugly stripes all over the place instead of being smooth.

So… How would i go about making a smooth spiralling box shape? I’m using max

I think this is what you’re looking for, not too sure.

Thank you for the suggestion, but smoothing the spiraled faces doesn’t help at all.

I’m thinking that there must be a way to make this, which won’t require so many polygons either. Maybe some fancy sort of bump mapping?

The stripes look like quads triangulated to be concave. Flipping the triangulation should fix that.

Yeah, i figured that should have an effect. For whatever reason, however, it didn’t help :confused:

However, i talked with a fellow who ran into the same problem. According to him, it can be ironed out in the texturing process.

For now, i’ll just hope that he’s right.