Modelling for the very first time, need suggestions and advice

Well, title says it all. I’ve recently started mapping with Hammer again, and I’m totally and completely sick of being restricted to the default props/buildings/etc. I’d really like to start making my own props to customize and outfit the maps I make in Hammer.

My question is, where do I start? I’ve lurked around the models/skins thread for a good period of time looking for advice, but you guys lack a good tutorial/sticky thread like the guys in the mapping section have. Should I start with Google’s SketchUp program? Are there any good Source Engine modelling sources that I can refer to? Any threads that I may have missed? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I’m unable to continue my mapping projects without custom props to spice them up.

Don’t use SketchUp. Start with Blender. It’s free, but it’s very similar to other modelling programs. SketchUp is much different, harder to make organic-looking stuff with, and hard to texture with.

Best starting place would be the articles on the Valve wiki. And this thread. If using Blender, here’s a good wikibook to read; not focused on game modeling, but it covers the UI and basics well enough. Make sure you read the first two sections, at minimum.

That should be good enough to get you started.

And yes, we do need some stickies. There were a few, but they were all unstickied for some reason. Subforums too.

Ah, thank you good sir.

No problem.