Modelling help

So, I’ve only just deviated from the Rust sub-forum and I noticed the Modelling sub-forum and this very much stood out to me and what I’d like to do as hobby/part-time job. Is there any tutorials or software I can use just to generally play around with and get to grips with, I’m not asking for any £10,000 software to use but something that’s free and I can have a go at.
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Blender is good for starters, or you could go with a student license of 3ds max.

I’ve tried using blender but for me it seems unnecessarily confusing. I tried making my own material but had no luck on how to do it, I was trying to make a wood material but doesn’t seem to be working for me? Are you able to link me to a tutorial that can teach me how to do this.
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Also, look up Andrew Price on YouTube