Modelling Job - Upwards of $60

Hey; I’ve been wanting to put in this request for quite some time but have never gotten around to it. Yet, seeing how I’ve yet to see this model upon the workshop, gamebanana,, etc… I thought I’d be the one to request it for my own personal usage! I’m looking for someone to model Rachael from Blade Runner. I understand that this is a tedious, time rendering and most importantly, consuming project to work on. Though, in return for hard work - I will most certainly be able to afford payment of upwards of $50-60 depending on the quality and how the model turns out. Personally, I’d really like to have a veteran modeler work upon this project seeing how I’d want to be able to communicate exactly what I’d like to see. So! If anyone is interested, please send me a message upon the forums here or go ahead and send me a request in Steam (my SF Name is SoundEko) and we can talk about all the details and etc.

I’d like to have this model made with HQ materials, bodygrouped and rigged and be compatible with gamemodes such as Clockwork.

Here are some photos for reference. Thanks a ton guys, hopefully someone will be interested in this project!

Add an extra zero and you might get some bites. A model like this made by a “veteran” in “high quality” is an incredibly time consuming project. 60 dollars is what most people pay for hack jobs on models. As simple as hacks are, they can still take several hours. Anyway, goodluck with your request.

someone should just modify the bioshock elizabeth model

Hm. Well, in that case I’d still pay for a hack. A very good one at least; with the stuff I still require upon the model.


that haircut reminds me of her: