[Modelling] Luigi's Mansion ripping models

So I am trying to extract models from Luigi’s Mansion for use in Source Filmmaker, and maybe Garry’s Mod, but I have these GameCube modelling tools so I can extract the models and files etc, and I managed to extract the models from the .ISO file but only 2 files are viewable located in ‘Effect’ folder.

There’s the entire list of all the models used and some people seem to have found the models and extracted them correctly but for some reason I can’t. The models register as Yay0 (Viewed it in Notepad++) so apparently it’s impossible, but I found images online suggesting that they can be extracted.

On a plus side, I’m looking into the files of my childhood, and seeing ridiculous file names, like ‘fat.szp’

I’m trying to get the ordinary ghosts and Luigi with his vacuum.

Please help! D:


images of extract content could be shopped
happens all the time

Because nothing here was extracted, everything on this page must be fake. Right?

None of it’s rigged, but they’re all extracted from the game’s data.

You my dear sir, rock! :smiley: Though it might not be rigged, yikes, I might have to learn a bit of rigging myself haha, but thank you

sarcastically sure

awesome, want these models