Modelling Problems (attempting to port something from the L4D2 workshop onto GMOD)

Hey, so. I managed to get my model into Garry’s Mod, and make it a player-model and such, but the whole model screws up entirely whenever I choose it as a player-model, or give it animations. This is my VERY first time EVER fooling around with models, or modeling entirely. I’m not sure how to fix this problem. I’ve searched on google, and used advance search on here, but nothing. Any ideas? This is what it looks like before giving it ANY animations.

Here’s what it looks like AFTER giving it animations.

I honestly have NO idea whatsoever on how to fix this, which Is why I ask for assistance. Thanks.

I personally think that it the model was rigged badly, or rigged to a different set, but I’m not sure if L4D2 is different from the Valve Skeleton.

The Left 4 Dead 2 skeleton uses the Valve biped as well but there were some changes to the bones that need to be dealt with if you’re not going to re-rig the model. The primary offenders are the thumbs and upper spine / neck.

Would that be the cause to what’s going on with the model when animations are played?

That would be the exact cause indeed. You should re-rig the skeleton to the GMod biped. If you’d prefer a hackier method, you could shift the bones around a little bit until they fit more of the GMod biped as well, but I’m not sure how to do that in Milkshape if you don’t know yourself.

You’d pretty much just select the joint in question and use the move tool, but that’s ill-advised. From my experience with Milkshape, moving a single bone/joint from its original position usually tends to break the rotation on the rest of the bones/joints. It’s usually better, and more commonly advised, to use something like 3DS Max or Blender if you’re going to move bones around.

I first started modeling with Milkshape, and honestly you should really just use a better program.

If I were in your situation I’d download the free educational edition of 3ds max and do a skinwrap modifier on this model and a gmod player model and throw out the current skeleton all together.

You’d hardly need to mess with it at all. Probably just need to re-rig those packs and you’d be set.

I originally used Milkshape for applying textures and such, and I still use it for that reason. Only thing I need to learn now is how to rig models and such. Thank you all for the assistance.