Modelling software

Hello, I’d like to get into modelling, but am not sure which program is the best, since there is a lot out there. I tried Blender a few times, but can’t seem to do much editing in it. What would you recommend?

Well, you could try picking up a copy of Autodesk 3DS Max. You can sign up for a free student copy, and it’s actually one of the more commonly used programs for modelling. There’s also Milkshape 3D, but that’s not really one I’d suggest unless you’re doing simple things like model hacks for props.

With the free student copy it displays that the file was made with such license, right?
Is that a problem when working with Source?

And I use Milkshape 3D for modifying weapons to work with Gmod

As far as I know, Milkshape was primarily made for creating low-poly models (meaning RTS quality models) or for smaller edits to models. A friend of mine uses (or used) it for rigging characters as well, but I prefer 3DS Max over it for that.

The model will just be exported as an SMD, which doesn’t exactly have any restrictions or anything built in to the file in the manner anyway. Really the only big restriction you have on the student version is that it’s not made to be used commercially. In other words, you’re not supposed to be allowed to sell your models, which I hope you don’t plan on doing if you’re here for GMod anyway.

To be honest, there technically is no best 3D modeling program. There are ones best for a certain job sure, but you can create the same quality work in most applications. It just depends on the user. I personally use cinema 4D, but I am sure most use 3DS max or Maya.

I would say to look around and just test stuff out for yourself. When I first started modeling I used softimage, but then I switched over. I quit for some time and then got back into it when I started making gfx effects for call of duty montages and stuff.

It helped me learn how to model, and got me attached to cinema 4D. I personally like cinema 4D for its easy layout. Now the one flaw I have with cinema 4D is its uv mapping. I use Headus UV mapping instead. It works really well. I then just pull my model into blender and export it to the source engine.