Modelling volumetric light?

I can’t quite figure out how to model volumetric light. I know in EP2 it’s a sort of set of hollowed boxes, but what if i want to do it for a something like cracks of light between plywood boards? Anyone know how to do this?

I would love this for maps too, textures on a brush don’t work half as well.

You can either use dynamic lighting in the maps, or just model the volumetric light so it fits between the cracks.

You just make a bunch of planes, equally spaced, with a volumetric light texture on them.

How would that work for an irregular crack between wood boards in a window?

Use the boards as a reference then model the shafts based on the gaps between the planks?
Though I suppose they might be difference inside hammer than in 3ds or milkshape. Never really understood hammer myself.