Modelling, where do I start?

Hey guys,

This being my first time here, I wasn’t sure if there was a megathread I could ask this in, not being able to find one, here I am.

I have never modelled before, though I now have an interest to get started.

First things first, what program/software should I use? I’ve looked into Maya, but that seemed a bit pricey. Are all softwares expensive?

Even so, as a starter, what is the most user-friendly software out there? I don’t mind a learning curve, in fact, I expect one. So what software do you guys recommend?

And to top it off, what are some general tips for newbies?

P.S - I honestly don’t mind forking out a couple hundred bucks if that’s what it takes.

you can get 3dsmax student version for free,.
some people use blender,.

I’d recommend 3ds Max

I learnt lightwave 3d for 2 years then applied for a job as a modeller and they primarly used 3ds Max so I thought all that time was wasted but as long as
you have learnt the skills of modelling in general its not as time consuming to transfer software’s which is very common, as all companies use different programs
it took me a few months to get the hang of Max as its a completely different way of modelling I found it to be faster, less bugs, more plugins etc

But to answer your actual question and Digital Tutors are how I learnt and on the job training

this is how mine turned out, still got play around with it more

Thanks guys, I’ll check out 3ds max for sure.

I did previously check out Blender, it seemed to be a popular option.

But 3ds max looks great and I love the fact it has tutorials.

Lol. i got 3DS MAX 2013 for free. i was roaming around on the place were you get 3DS Max and bam there it was (I CANT REMEMBER WHAT THE SITE WAS CALLED)

The only thing to bear in mind with 3DSMax’s student licence is that while it’s great for learning, you are NOT allowed to use it for commercial purposes (anything that would get you dosh, in other words, like TF2 etc). I’m not sure if general release falls into this category, but it’s something to be aware of.

Everything Autodesk is free in case you are a student.
The important thing about Blender are Tom Edwars’ Source DMX plugins (in case you want to get your models in Garry’s Mod or SFM).
I personally use 3DS Max and Blender. Both offer pretty much the same modeling options. Silo 2 also looks very nice, is very lightweight and not pricey.
There is a serious Blender caveat though: it lags like crap on NVidia Fermi cards!

I did plan on doing some TF2 items. So I guess the student version is off limits to me for those purposes. But I guess I can still use it to teach myself modelling for general purposes.

I may have read it wrong, but I think the full version was 3.5k? I felt like I read that wrong, if not, it’s a bit pricey.

Thanks, I’ll check out Silo2.

Sounds like my best option at the moment is Blender. I’ve downloaded it, checked it out, very confusing, but I expected that.

Despite this, I’ll check out the other suggestions too.

I do recommend Blender, but you may want to check out If you happen to be a student.

Or try sketchup, but they’re all complicated and require you to do a crap ton of learning.

If you want to try and make money on TF2 or the like Id say go with blender

but if you want to pursue a career in ‘The Industry’ I’d learn an Autodesk program as its pretty much the Adobe CS of 3D

As for the price of a legit copy of Max, I know for a fact hundreds of business are using illegal copies, especially all the smaller production houses

No one can pay that much for a program lol, plus they make all their money from the really big production houses like WETA and ILM.

So if you were to somehow acquire a cracked version of the software, you wouldnt be the only one…

Since I’m wanting to get into modelling too, but with blender so I can do TF2 stuff, could someone throw up a few tutorial links? Hell, a thread dedicated to just getting people started would be good.

Google Blender 3D: Noob to Pro. There’s also a lot of tutorials on YouTube. For directions on exporting your model to the Source Engine, see the Valve Developer Community… and also search Facepunch - there are a few such “Getting Started” threads indeed! ?