ModelPreview HUD

So im adding a Model Preview to my hud but its soooo laggy is there any fix to making it less and also when i open any menu my cursor flickers and i cant click anything at all.

Show the code, I have a feeling you’re continuously creating the model panel within the draw code.

local model = ply:GetModel()
Model = vgui.Create(“DModelPanel”)
Model:SetSize(64, 64)
Model:SetCamPos(Vector(17, -5, 65.5))
Model:SetLookAt(Vector(-1, 0, 62.5))
function Model:LayoutEntity(ent) return end

That’s not all of it. Are you creating the model panel inside a HUDPaint hook?

The way he pasted the code without format just clarify he does it

Create the model panel outside hudpaint, make it paintmanual, then paint it inside hudpaint.