Models and Maps acting strange.

I’m a new Member to this forum but i was hoping i could get some help either way.

I bought Garrys Mod 2 days ago, AND I LOVE IT. Super fun, and hilarious people on there!
But When i play diffrent game modes that requires CS:S models and maps… Well it just doesn’t work. Because I don’t have CS:S (can’t i afford it at the moment), so i Pirated it and just to download the maps and models to be able to play it.
When i Extracted the files to the Gmod folder ( The maps/Models folder in Gmod directory) it worked well. But inside the game, its a mess… The guns they are holding is down by their waist band (i can’t see what weapon they have), The maps got some minor Faults, and i can’t play the Classical maps like; Cs_assualt, De_dust/2. The error message that appears when the maps will not load is “Couldn’t load De_dust.bsp. Yours differs from the servers” (Tried asking what map they were using but they only said the normal map).

So if anyone can help me with this. I would be grateful. Truly Grateful!

Thanks in advance

The problem is that you used pirated content… we honestly can’t help you with that. The only thing I can tell you is to do is either buy CS:S or use a non-warez content website.