Models, and Textures, and Codes, oh my!

I was planning on making my friends and I persanol playermodels for garrys mod.
I was also planning on ReTextureing them to make us have our Most Popular outfits, Alt. Outfits.
I was also planning on having a third RetExture of them to make them look like the guys from EddsWorld.
( I would be Tom :smiley: ).
But first, I need some help learning how to make Models, how to Code them, and how to animate them.
I relize this could take months, even years, to learn and completely understand what I’m doing, but it will be worth it when I can post them all on and say “I made these with help from ----”.
Please help if possible, thanks!

Not really an idea or suggestion but yes i’ve been waiting for a thread like this.
I really would love to learn.

Well first we need someone who knows what the hell their doing… No such person has come yet… :\

There’s a ridiculus amount of written documentation and scores of videos on how to do all of this. A simple google search will turn up a tremendous amount of resources. I would suggest you take advantage of that, rather than waiting for a mentor.

As it is related to GMod, is the place to start. However, much of the stuff you listed has little specific relation to GMod itself.