Models are Compiling with Incorrect collision/hitbox models! How do I fix it?

So I’m trying to recompile a map (ttt_minecraftcity_v4) and there’s these models of pigs that are in the pigpen.

When I’ve compiled it, the models spawn with incorrect hitboxes. I’ve tried different combinations of settings within prop_physics & prop_physics_multiplayer yada yada
The following video shows my issue:

The Video

What is causing this?

I just realized I’ve been compiling in FAST mode, would that be an issue?

You used prop_physics to spawn them, they’re ragdolls so use prop_ragdoll instead.

Tried using prop_ragdoll, worked awesome as far as limb movement, however the collision model was still messed up a bit (IE: pigs feet go through the floor) :frowning:

This did however fix the attacking of it - hitting it in the head would actually show a blood decal and push the ragdoll.
**Actually, now hitting it doesn’t show blood decals :confused:

I can’t make it activate a sound upon attacking it though :confused: