Models are Invisible

I just got CS:S recently and I am extracting the models and materials from it into my EP2 folder. The materials are fine, but the models are invisible. Their collision model shows up fine but not model itself. Here are a few screen shots.
The model in the VGUI model browser.

The model in the 3d view port in Hammer.

Have you placed the models in the folder they were compiled for? I had a problem in gmod with invisible models because I didnt put them in exact folder their qc said they should be. Also, if you are using UnLit generic texture you should put “$model” “1” into vmt.

usually when you check the console it should say MDL cache failed to load VVD. data. i had this issue as well, try putting the models in addons that fixed it for me

Have the models been corrupted by others?

If you have l4d1 or 2, those models seam to corrupt others at times.