Models are not working on server. (I have tried everything in my knowleadge)

Hello I have been trying to get these custom skins to work on my server (These are the skins
The models I am trying to use are refugees, but when i put “models/player\Group02\Male_01.mdl” in to shared.lua it breaks the server and the jobs do not work.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

This is a horrible idea to begin with. If you knew how to read anything you would see that on the description part it specifically says: **hope you all like it. its a reskin for the ragdolls and the npc’s **
Knowing this, if you made everyone who joined your server overwrite their default skins I would hate you too. :yarr:

It’s not working because the file path is supposed to be: models/humans/group02/male_01.mdl

Sorry brandonj4, that was stupid mistake and thanks for correcting me :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem :downs: