Models becomes invisible for gmod after compiling

Well, here’s my problem - year ago I started making models for SFM and Gmod, and recently decided to learn how to make faceflexes. And now I has faced strange problem - after compilation, my model is working fine for SFM (faceflexes works too), but when I try to spawn that model in Gmod - it becomes invisible. I can grab it with physgun, but thats all. For testing I made different model, but results were same - visible without faceflexes, but when I add faceflexes - it`s invisible. Just in case, here is qc file

use something other than SFM’s compile tools? it may compile a different vtx format that garrysmod doesn’t recognize. Try compilers up to portal 2.

The last couple of SFM-compiled models I tried had the same issue and it should be spitting an error out in console as well. If you get an issue when you first try to spawn the model (I don’t recall the exact error, but it was something about quad lists) then using the Portal 2 or Source SDK Base 2013 studiomdl to compile, as Stiffy said, would certainly solve this.

Thank you, guys, so much, now the model is visible and faceflexes is okay, but … for some reason, now something wrong with the skeleton, it seems that all the bones spinning around the first bone - bip_pelvis, so when i try to move it from stand pose it becomes complete garbage. Any ideas?

Would you mind posting a screenshot for clarity?

Here(on the left - old model, the pose how it`s supposed to look)
Btw, I noticed, that when i trying to use stand pose tool on that model, game crashing.

Cancel that, guys, I solve it. So now everything is working, when I compiled my model from blender to “.dmx” format. So, in case if someone wil face same problem - I made 2 mistakes - I was using GUIStudiomdl for compile, screw that, its making too much errors, use studiomdl.exe in SDK/bin directory instead, just add in your qc-file something like this $cd "D:\New models\blender\Madness\source" Its the link to the directory where is your files to compile is.
Second mistake - .smd format. Maybe it`s just me, but with this format, skeleton in my model goes crazy, so export models in .dmx format, if you have problem like that.
And, thanks for helping, CaptainBigButt and Stiffy360, you da real mvp

GUIStudioMdl shouldn’t be the source of your issues – it’s literally just a thirdparty GUI for studiomdl.exe. You can also go without $cd if you make a small boot script for studiomdl (or use guistudiomdl). You’re free to drag and drop from there as long as your QC isn’t in a separate directory for whatever reason.

Lastly, the SMD format shouldn’t have any issues. DMX is basically the successor to SMD and may offer more features in some cases, but SMD is still widely used and still works perfectly fine. Perhaps your exporter had issues?