Models BF4 and BFH

hi friends I going to post here for you I have tempo more missing a lot. Riding this is headache I’ll the post models of Battlefield Hardline and helecpteros and cool the beautiful bike :v::smile::smile:

:wink: has good modification

Models BFH

please wait

many thanks!looking forward to the beautiful bfh models … choppers with detailed cockpit,and the cars~

yes I will finish some to and move for you :smile:

thanks a lot

what program do you use? ninja ripper?

a program created by Dainius G

Look Hjjiang :smile:

wow nice model! looking forward to download them!any choppers?

A drivable motor bike like this would be so fucking good

Keep up the great work !

certain :smile:

Are you going to make it drivable ?

yes. More I will take a while :rolleyes:

looks at another bike model has more !!

Are you goin to realease the model file ? I’ ll like to test it a bit

look I’m finishing models and also original paintings lack little

Yea ok good luck soldier ! :slight_smile:

Could you also please release the C-17, UH-60 Blackhawk , F-35 , Mi-28 , Pantsir S1 , and the Su-25 ?

I’m sorry I will soon send the models :downs:

And the armored vehicles too, please.

certain lack to complete:downs:

95% BF4 and 15% BFH :eng101:

Looking good!