Models can't find Materials

I gave up on trying to decompile those troublesome V_models because the decompiler either crashed on trying to load them or would decompile them but somehow in the process it would screw up shit and the model wouldn’t work upon recompile. So I went back to hexing the v_model. The problem now is the v_model is completely invisible in Garrys Mod and the w_model has the pink and black “I can’t find my material .vmt” texture of death. Even though the materials are in the right place, the model is looking in the right place for them (based on opening them up with a hex editor and checking the materials path) and the vmts point to the right place it seems the model refuses to find its textures. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Edit the .vmt’s to point to the correct .vtf’s

They already do, that’s the issue

This is the Vmt in materials/models/weapons/v_models/stalkawr/pb.vmt (which according to the hex editor is where it is lookiing)

	"$basetexture" "models\weapons\v_models\stalkawr\PB"
	"$envmap" "env_cubemap"
	"$envmapmask" "models\weapons\v_models\stalkawr\PB_ref"


And the vtfs are in


Try using forward slashes in your vmt (it could fix it, I don’t know whether vmts are THAT prone to fucking up over stupid stuff.)

Sorry i’ve never ‘hexed’ before. I can’t really help you further. :c

Forward slashes won’t change anything.

Double-check what materials it’s trying to load. HLMV has a panel that tell you currently used materials; try opening it in that.

It doesn’t say it just says “Model attempted to load 1 or more VMTs it cannot find” or something similar.

Then the .VMTs aren’t in the right spot. You probably messed up the hexing.

The last line in the w_model when viewed in the hex editor reads:


and the .vmts and vtfs are in that directory (materials\models\weapons\v_models\stalkawr\

Then thats your problem then you need an extra PB in the path so your pb.vtf and pb.vmts should be in the models\weapons\v_models\stalkawr\PB\ directory and the VMT should have

$basetexture "models\weapons\v_models\stalkawr\PB\pb"

Sorry I fucked up the last line theere. The vmt is in


and the vtfs are also there. Unless that extra backslash in the texture path in the hexeditor is what is doing it…

EDIT: Oooooooooooh yeah I see what you mean. I think that is it, thanks a lot.

If the last line in the hex editor is what you said it is, What I said is correct, as it shows the path without the material (the materials are further up) so your missing a PB folder for your pb texture to be inside.


Ah you got it ^^ Also np :stuck_out_tongue:

That did indeed fix the w_model not having a texture, but the v_model is still invisible…I wonder if something is wrong with the model itself?

Shouldn’t the Vmt go into stalkawr\PB\pb.vmt instead of stalkawr\pb.vmt ?

Yea I pointed that out already ^^

Yeah so now it will load up the .vmts in HLMV. But the model is invisible in HLMV and in game.

Although at least now the W model works.

Make sure the VMTs have VertexLitGeneric not LightmappedGeneric

Yes they are VertexLitGeneric.

Humm that is quite odd then, post the contents of the VMT.

Edit: NM its up there, ok I don’t know whats going on there then @.@

Something else weird:

When I put the model in models/weapons it shows up in HL2MV. When I take that same model (and the other files that go with it the .vvd and all that) and put it in models/stalker/weapons (where I am trying to keep all these stalker models I’m using for sweps) it goes invisible (but HLMV reports it’s loading its textures and all that properly)

Why does the directory the model is in matter?