Models clip through the VGUI boundaries

Hey everybody. I’ve been trying to solve this problem for an hour or so and I can’t seem to get it so the model will be clipped. These are all my own custom VGUI panels however this problem is also present in the DModelPanel. There probably isn’t any direct way but maybe theres a hacky way to do it?

Has anyone solved this problem?



No one? :saddowns:

If you’re using a Derma Frame, wouldn’t putting a new panel at that size in the main panel, and scrolling the dmodelpanels through that one cut them off?

The box that you see the model panels in is a seperate panel.

I really think I could fix that, but I’m not at my house right now =[ Maybe making the main derma panel’s Z level 999 would work? I thought there was a way to change that, but I might be wrong.

Nice Derma Skin.

Try this:

And if that dosn’t work. Get the position of the panel. If X is below 0 set a var to stop the drawing of the model. (Hacky, but :|)

If you use the beta, you could just clip the model with the render functions.

The beta is live now.

Your best bet is rendering to a texture then drawing that onto the GUI tbh.

Would be a lot easier if render targets could be used upon download.

Which would mean a 30 second wait per created RT

No way to adjust the way it creates them to something more… Less hoggy?

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