Models for GMOD?

One of my friends is debating whether or not to buy GMOD but is there a way to download all the up to date functioning models from games like counter strike, half life, etc to get GMOD to work properly on most peoples servers?

You mean like without paying for CS:S? You get all the Half life 2 stuff by default except the HL2 maps.
But what ever content a server has mounted on it should work. Example: if a server doesn’t have team fortress 2 stuff mounted on it and you have team fortress 2, spawning tf2 stuff in that server won’t work.

Yeah, without paying for the games.

Like there’s some youtube videos and downloads where people claim you can download all the textures, which is really necessary for playing on any server (especially counter strike: source).

I was on Facepunch a few months ago and some guy made a thread where he had put all the CS:S crap as an addon or what ever. So all the materials, hands, guns, etc… will all be there. I’m going to assume it works on servers as well as single player.

You might aswell buy the game dude, Garry doesn’t like Pirates.

It’s not really pirating. It’s just the textures, not the game.

Plus, they would have to buy all the half lifes, counter strike, day of defeat, tf2, portal and anything a server uses to avoid having error signs everywhere.

TF2 is free, and remember if they do end up buying these games they need to be source engine games.
I really don’t see maps or servers with Day of Defeat stuff on them. As for the half life series, they should probably get Half life 2 episode 2 because it has some important textures some maps require.
And like I said, gmod comes with all the Half life 2 content by default.

Just buy the orange box then. If you buy Counter Strike: Source retail, it also comes with HL2: Deathmatch and Day of Defeat: Source for free.

I’d just buy Cs:s, it’s a good game and you get the stuff anyway.

He’s going to need a source game anyway, so he might as well download TF2 or get CS:S

The textures are still Valve’s IP so it’s not legal.


Just start a CS:S sever using hldsupdatetool.exe and it will download the textures legally for free! hldsupdatetool.exe is owned by valve and can be freely downloaded! Just google it and you can find a youtube video of it!